Why Is Exfoliating Such An Important Skincare Step?

Many of us often skip exfoliating from our skincare routine because, to be honest, we just can’t be bothered. After a long day, it’s understandable that you just want to rub off your makeup before crashing into bed. However, using an exfoliator is actually a critical step within both professional facial treatments and in your at-home skincare routine. Find out why below.

woman exfoliating close up

Exfoliating Encourages Cell Turnover

Cell regeneration, often referred to as cell turnover, is a natural process that occurs within your skin and body. Each skin cell has it’s own life cycle and by the end of its cycle, it is shed in the natural exfoliation process. As your older surface cells shed, fresh cells rise to the surface to replace them. However, skin cell renewal rates tend to slow down as we age.

When you are a child, your skin cells natural exfoliate approximately every 2 weeks. Then in your teens, this increases to every 3-4 weeks. Once you hit adulthood it takes even longer! For those up to 50 years old, it can take 30-40+ days for your skin cells to renew themselves. Whilst those who are 50+ need around 40-90 days for the natural exfoliation process to finish. A good way for you to get a general approximation of how long your own skin cells take to complete is by taking your age and adding about a week to that!

Slower cell renewal means that your skin can look duller, more lackluster and uneven. By including exfoliation in your skincare routine, you are helping your skin’s natural process to leave your complexion looking fresher, more radiant and feeling smoother.

Breakouts Can Be Reduced By Exfoliating

Although breakouts are sometimes outside of your control such as being caused by stress and hormones. Sometimes they appear because of improper makeup removal and lazy skincare. When the natural oils your skin produces mixes with dirt, debris, and dead skin cells, they can become trapped in your skin’s follicles, causing a blockage. This can lead to congested skin and acne. By exfoliating, you are helping your skin remove this unwanted oil and dead skin cells. As a result, leaving your complexion looking fresher, smoother, and clearer. Learn more about dealing with acne here.exfoliating products

Exfoliating Brightens The Skin

Melanin is the natural pigment in your body responsible for the colour of your eyes, hair, and skin. However, sometimes your cells can overproduce melanin in response to sun exposure, skin trauma or injury, hormones, and medications. This results in an uneven distribution of melanin, which is often referred to as hyperpigmentation. Exfoliation can help break down this skin discolouration. It can slough away damaged cells to leave your skin looking brighter and more even.

Get The Most Out Of Your Other Beauty Products

Exfoliating helps you get more out of both your skincare and makeup products.

The removal of dead skin cells helps any skincare products you apply to effectively penetrate the skin. As a result of the new surface cells, your skin can also easily absorb and benefit from your products. What’s more exfoliating provides a smoother, more even surface to the skin, meaning that makeup can be applied to look seamless and natural.

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