Transformation Tuesday: Acne Treatment

When your at-home skincare routine doesn’t seem to be enough to tackle acne, it’s time to seek professional help. A professional acne treatment paired with an at-home skincare regime can help make a huge difference.

For one client suffering from severe acne, glo International Educator Amanda von dem Hage developed a series of professional treatments after a thorough consultation. She had 6 treatments over 6 months. You can see the results for yourself.

Professional Treatments

The following are all professional-level chemical exfoliants from glo-therapeutics. These back bar treatments are only available to licensed professionals.

For those requiring an acne treatment, results can take anywhere between 3 months to a year. You must stay dedicated to the treatment and continue your skincare routine properly for optimal results. Remember however this takes trial and error because there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to acne treatment.

The first exfoliation step in every professional treatment was Pro 5 Exfoliant. This versatile, very superficial exfoliant is an ideal product to prep skin for a peel and help loosen impactions so extractions are easier. Amanda applied one to two layers of Pro 5 Exfoliant and then performed extractions. Following extractions, Amanda applied another layer of Pro 5 Exfoliant then began the peel application.

  • 1st Month: Enzyme Peel
  • 2nd Month: Enzyme, spot treat Salicylic 30%.
  • 3rd Month: Enzyme and Salicylic 30% – two layers.
  • 4th Month: Modified Jessner 14% Peel, spot treat with Salicylic 30%.
  • 5th Month: Modified Jessner 14% – two layers with a layer of Salicylic 30% in between.
  • 6th Month: Modified Jessner 14% – three layers and spot treat with Salicylic 30% between each layer.

Morning Skincare Routine

For her morning at-home skincare regime, the client was recommended the products below, in the following order:

Nighttime Skincare Routine.

For her nighttime at-home skincare regime, the client was recommended the products below, in the following order:

Leave the house with total skin confidence with glo-therapeutics. acne treatment

For licensed professionals wanting to purchase glo-therapeutics back bar products, contact Wigmore Medical at 020 7491 0150 to open an account. 

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