Why A Toner Should Be Part Of Your Skincare Routine

Why Using A Toner Is Essential

When toners were first introduced, they were formulated with ingredients like mineral oil to remove the film left behind from cleansing and to balance out the pH of the skin. Many included alcohol and astringent ingredients to help strip the skin. Once cleansers evolved to no longer alter the pH of the skin, dermatologists concluded that a toner was no longer necessary for patients. Since then, toners have evolved too! The formulations have been improved to be more effective and helpful in keeping the skin looking young and fresh.

Glo Skin Beauty toners are extremely beneficial because they can smooth, purify and retexturize the skin. This enables serums and moisturisers to penetrate the skin more evenly. But not all toners achieve the same results! Glo Skin Beauty toners are specially designed for different skin types to ensure you can get the best results for radiant skin.

Using a toner in your routine

Toner For Oily And Combination Skin

For oily and combination skin, the Glo Skin Beauty Glycolic Resurfacing Toner is our recommendation. Formulated with antioxidant actives to brighten the skin and protect against damage from free radicals. This combination and oily skin toner is loaded with anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties to balance and soothe the skin while keeping it hydrated.

Toner For Dry Skin

For dry skin use a light, hydrating toner like our Glo Skin Beauty Conditioning Mist. With ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, EGCG, Rose Hip Seed Oil and Chamomile, it is certain to provide pure hydration, preserve skin elasticity and achieve skin brightening results.

Toner For Sensitive Skin

The Calming Flower Mist is an ideal face mist for sensitive skin. Infused with Neroli Flower Oil, Rose Flower Water and Gotu Kola Extract it helps to strengthen the skin and soothe inflammation. Spritz the skin with this face mist after cleansing. Additionally, you can also use this mist to refresh and revive your skin throughout the day.

Toner For Mature Skin

To treat mature skin you need a product like Phyto-Active Toning Mist. Perfect for dehydrated skin! With a blend of innovative ingredients, this face mist helps to prevent water loss and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier.  It’s supportive, nourishing ingredients prepare the skin for the optimal benefits of any following serums and moisturisers.

These are just a few suggestions to help you get an idea of what works best for each skin type. No matter which toner you use, they all have multiple benefits to help achieve youthful, radiant skin.

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