Sweat Proof Makeup Tips

The weather’s getting warmer, the wedding invites are rolling in and your holiday is just around the corner. We do love summer, but what we don’t love is sweating off our makeup in the summer heat. So to avoid any makeup meltdowns, we have a few sweat proof makeup tips and tricks that we diligently abide by. And we’re letting you in our secrets!

sweat proof makeup


The first step to sweat proof makeup is to ensure your skin is well hydrated and balanced. If your skin is dehydrated it can overcompensate with oil to rehydrate itself. As result skin becomes shiny and greasy, causing havoc for your makeup. So don’t fall at the first hurdle. Choose a lightweight moisturiser to prep the skin before any makeup application.


The perfect canvas needs to be smooth and flawless. A makeup primer guarantees that your foundation won’t slide off of your face throughout the day. Plus with our all new mattifying primer, you can beat the shine before it ever appears!

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sweat proof makeup


To avoid slick, shiny skin, your first point of call would understandably be a matte foundation. But unless you have very oily skin, we would actually recommend you start with a lighter, liquid foundation, build up your coverage then set the skin with a matte powder. This way you’ll avoid your skin feeling too cakey and heavy. Plus, the fantastic thing about mineral makeup is that you don’t need to use a lot for great coverage, so it’s perfect as sweat proof makeup.

To keep your skin refreshed all day, spray your makeup with a light hydration mist. You can re-apply your face mist throughout the day if you need a little pick-me-up.

Eye Makeup

Apply an eye shadow primer before applying your eye makeup to make it long-lasting and crease-free. Equally, you could use a long-wear cream shadow as a base. Then apply powder eye shadow on top to add dimension to your look.

Of course, finish off your look with a waterproof mascara.

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