Protecting Your Face in the Summer

With the sun coming out to play, summer has started. With the summer comes a change in the weather that may damage your face if you’re not cautious.

With the dangers of sun damage looming in this season, especially for an area so sensitive, you should make sure you take the necessary precautions to ensure your face’s skin is protected.

Read on to find out more about how to keep your face protected from the sun this coming summer.

Wear sunscreen and makeup with SPF

We’re sure it goes without saying, but if you’re out and about in the heat, you need to make sure you’re applying sunscreen, or some form of UV protection throughout the day; especially for your face.

We at Glo have a wide range of natural sunscreens and UV protector products made of the finest natural ingredients providing the skin with necessary nutrients and added moisture compared to the average sun protector product.

Wear sunscreen and makeup with SPF

We also have a range of naturally formulated makeup products with SPF, which you can also use to provide extra sun protection for your facial skin.

This is for if you aren’t out the sun as much but need that extra protection just in case.

Our sun protector products contain Titanium dioxide, which provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection for your skin.

Wear a hat when in the sun

Another, less complicated way of protecting your face from the sun would be to wear a suitable sun hat.

This provides the equivalent protection to a shady spot on a hot day. One of the easier ways to protect your face from the sun if you’re running short of sun cream for the face, offering full protection.

Wear a hat when in the sun

Although a sun hat can protect your face fully, it is still wise to wear a UV protector so you don’t risk accidentally exposing you, to later on realise you’ve damaged it when it’s too late!

Ensure you keep yourself and face hydrated

Part of the reason the sun damages the skin, is simply due to lack of hydration.

Drinking enough water is important for overall hydration, but to make sure your face doesn’t dry out in the hot weather, it is wise to ensure you consistently moisturise and hydrate the skin from the outside.

Ensuring you apply one of our natural face moisturisers throughout the day to ensure that your skin stays supple and doesn’t dry out from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Ensure you keep yourself and face hydrated

Bear in mind this alone won’t help you be protected from the sun; we advise to apply moisturiser post-sun exposure.

Our best selling moisturising tint sunscreen with SPF 30, providing both UV protection as well as moisturising your skin, so you get the benefits of a moisturiser, and UV protector in one.

Another popular product of ours is the Oil Free Sunscreen with SPF 40, with a high sun protection factor and suitable for oily skin sufferers!

If you wear makeup throughout the day you may prefer to use one of our hydrating mists, which also works as a setting spray – but as you’d already know, this wouldn’t protect you from the sun.

In essence…

When in the sun it is important that you ensure you are fully protected, especially when it comes to your fragile facial skin.

Make sure you use adequate UV protection, limit your overall face’s exposure to the sun and keep your skin moisturised and hydrated throughout the day – This will make sure that you don’t receive a nasty burn from your day out and about.

Other than that, make sure you enjoy yourself, and still get that Glo, just in moderation. Nobody likes sunburn, and that feeling of when you’ve burnt the tips of your nose and forehead after a day of sunbathing is the worst.

Make sure your face stays sun-safe this summer!

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