Summer Body: Getting That Healthy Holiday Glow

If you’re heading off on holiday, you may be a bit apprehensive about donning a bikini. While we think everyone should feel gorgeous in their own skin, no matter your body type or skin condition, it’s also completely normal to have insecurities. Plus, sometimes skin conditions like acne can be quite uncomfortable and irritable. So we thought we’d list a few top tips to help you achieve the healthy summer body you deserve.

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Back Acne

Back acne is quite simply an absolute nightmare. Especially, when all you want is to wear that cute new halter neck swimsuit you bought last month. Which is why glo-therapeutics Clear Skin Body Spray is your summer body hero. It’s specially formulated to target acne skin and it’s spray nozzle and formula allows you to battle blemishes in hard to reach places. So you can say goodbye to back acne with this ultimate body treatment. This back acne treatment help decongests clogged pores, prevents the production of acne-causing bacteria and balances excess oil to reveal calmer, clearer and healthier skin.

Cracked Heels

It’s not just the bikini that some dread in the warmer months, it’s also the dry and cracked heels you might not want to display in sandals. But with the glo-therapeutics Barrier Balm, your worries will be over.Β This soothing cream is a high-performance hydrating and protective balm that contains Rose Hip Seed Oil (a relieving emollient, rich in vitamins A C & E) for intense skin hydration. Additionally, formulated with Squalane a greaseless oil deeply nourishes skin to help revive and shield extremely dry and cracking skin.

summer body

Smooth Summer Body

Of course, you can’t get gorgeously radiant skin without hydrating your body. That’s where the glo-therapeutics Cyto Luxe Body Lotion comes in. A luxurious anti-ageing body lotion with powerful active ingredients and Phyto-stem technology to soothe, lift, tone and soften skin on the body. It’s an absolute summer body skin care essential.

Shield the Skin

Last but not least, could we go a post without mentioning SPF? Absolutely not. We here at glo are firm believers in wearing broad-spectrum UV protection all year round. It’s not just sun burn you’re at risk of, but long term sun damaged skin and health risks too. So do not skip on the SPF. Make sure your sunscreen includes broad-spectrum UV protection and SPF, to ensure that the skin is protected from all harmful rays emitted by the sun!

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Need a total revamp of your summer skincare routine? Look no further.Β 

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