What Your Spots Say About Your Health & Lifestyle

Did you know that your skin may be trying to tell you something? Although spots can be a nightmare, the location of that pesky pimple could reveal a whole lot about your lifestyle. Below we’ve mapped out which areas of the face mean what when it comes to breakouts.spots

Forehead: The spots in this area could be a symptom of poor digestion, puberty or stress. In addition, coffee and alcohol can commonly cause spots to appear on the forehead.

Under-eyes: If you get spots underneath your eyes the most likely cause is dehydration. So make sure to drink your recommended 8 glasses a day!

Cheeks: The acne on your cheeks is either caused by smoking or bacteria. This can be bacteria from your pillow, mobile phone or even your hands! So make sure to change your pillowcase at least once a week, as well as wiping down your phone regularly to get rid of any lurking dirt and grime. Now your hands will inevitably always having some sort of oil, bacteria or dirt on them, but you can’t be expected to spend your entire day washing them. So dermatologists recommend you try to minimise the habit of touching your face or leaning on your hands so as to prevent bacteria being transferred.

Nose: Much like your forehead, the spots on your nose are likely to be caused by an unhealthy diet.

Jaw and Chin: The spots that appear on the lower half of your face are impacted by processed sugar and starchy foods. So again, keep an eye on what you eat!

So, keep these in mind when you start to notice that your dedicated skincare routine isn’t preventing breakouts!

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