Sensitive Skin Solutions – How To Calm Your Skin

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What Is Sensitive Skin?

Skin sensitivity can be caused by a number of different factors. When the skin’s most superficial layer, the top layer, is compromised, symptoms such as stinging, redness and irritation may occur. Factors that can contribute to the skin’s reactivity levels are sun exposure, over-exfoliation, product sensitivity and chemical peels. Glo Skin Beauty provide a whole range of products directed at the common skin concern which is sensitive skin.

Are Sensitive Skin And Rosacea The Same?

Although they might seem similar the symptoms of sensitive skin shouldn’t be confused with those of Rosacea. Sensitive skin can be calmed and cured, whereas Rosacea is an incurable condition with persistent flushing, inflammation and redness of the nose and cheeks. Although there is no known cure for Rosacea, there are medications which can help alleviate the symptoms

How To Calm The Skin

Products which calm irritable skin should be ones which gently hydrate, condition and soothe redness while protecting and reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier. Our calm skin solutions do all of this while avoiding added dyes and fragrances which can lead to irritation. Below are some of our favourite products to help calm your skin.

Gentle Cream Cleanser

This cleanser removes makeup, oil and debris while making sure the skin’s natural moisture balance is respected. This light, cream cleanser is designed to gently cleanse even the most sensitive of skin for a refreshed complexion, without irritation.

Balancing Moisture Remedy

This product has been designed to calm the skin, provide antioxidant protection and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Calming Flower Mist

Glo Skin Beauty Calming Flower Mist provides instant cooling relief to even the most sensitive skin. It does this with a unique blend of soothing essential oils, preparing the skin for serum and moisturiser application. It can even be used on top of makeup!

Corrective Soothing Serum

Our Corrective Soothing Serum supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier function which increases the strength of the skin and enhances natural radiance.

Can I Wear Makeup With Sensitive Skin?

Of course you can! Glo Skin Beauty’s mineral makeup range is well suited to help calm the skin. We offer products to conceal redness and give you the radiant complexion you desire.

Click here for information about how mineral makeup is kind to your skin.

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