How to Read Beauty Labels

The logos and symbols on your beauty labels are designed to keep you better informed. Though, if you don’t know what they stand for it can all be a little confusing. Which is why we’ve broken down each logo to help you understand what it symbolises. So, grab the nearest product and see if you can spot the following on the beauty labels.

beauty labelsWind Energy

The wind energy logo, typically found on product boxes, certifies that the facility where the box was produced is powered by wind energy.


A product’s packaging displaying this symbol is, very simply, recyclable.


‘PAO’ stands for ‘Period After Opening’. This open jar symbol refers to the length of time a product can be used once it has been opened. The number followed by an ‘M’ indicates the number of months the product can be used. Once it passes the recommended length of time, it’s advised that you bin that product. As expired beauty products can cause infections and other serious skin problems.

Learn more about the signs and when it’s time for you to throw away your expired beauty products.


The e-mark is a symbol for products sold in Europe. It indicates that the product’s weight is in compliance with the EU’s laws.

Cruelty-Free Logo

Companies partnered with PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program can display this bunny logo to show that their products are cruelty-free. Learn more about


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