Preventing Premature Ageing: Can You Start Too Soon?

Wanting to age gracefully is something everyone can agree on but is there such a thing as starting to prevent premature ageing too soon? Absolutely not.

Developing healthy habits as early as possible is fundamental to preventing premature ageing. And as we all know, prevention is always easier than treatment. So focus on these elements in your life to keep your looking and feeling younger!

preventing premature ageing


You need to cleanse twice a day to ensure all product, dirt and grime from the day (or night) have been properly removed. This allows your skin to benefit from any new products you apply. Additionally, you must remember to remove your makeup with a proper cleanser as otherwise, you block your skin from repairing itself. Do not use makeup wipes.


Exercising isn’t just great for fitness and a firm body, it also helps keep your skin healthy. When you exercise you increase blood circulation in the body which in turn aids in promoting skin cell turnover, which gives your skin that fitness glow.

preventing premature ageing

Food and Drink

Drinking water is vital to keeping skin young.  It helps to flush out toxins in the body as well as keeping skin hydrated. If you don’t drink enough water, it doesn’t matter how much moisturiser you slather on, your skin will still feel parched.

A healthy diet, of course, plays a critical factor in preventing premature ageing. Eating the right foods to get the correct nutrition your body needs will allow your skin to work at an optimal pace to keep skin firm and radiant.

Pack In the Cigarettes

It’s common knowledge that smoking is dangerous for your health but it can also play a large role in premature ageing skin. Smoking increases free radicals in your skin which causes damage to your molecules and DNA. Consequently, the skin forms wrinkles earlier and becomes loose and sagging. In addition, the repetitive motion of taking a drag of your cigarette causes the infamous ‘smoker lines’ around the mouth.


Sun exposure and UV damage are the primary cause of skin ageing. So to prevent premature ageing of the skin, you must wear an SPF sunscreen all year round. Winter and summer!  We provide a wide range of SPFs both in sunscreen and in makeup to give you the best protection possible.

Want more in-depth help on taking care of your skin? Find the skin care routine tailored for your age range below:

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