What is Pre-Cleansing?

The secret to a professional level, deep cleanse starts with glo’s pre-cleansing products for all skin types. Cleansing is fundamental to great skin, so glo therapeutics has developed two products designed to be used before your prescribed cleanser. They are: Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and Essential Cleansing Oil.



Great skin always begins with great cleansing. The cleaner the skin, the better the skin. It’s that simple. So it is important to cleanse twice a day. Throughout the day the skin on your face becomes covered with environmental pollutants that mix with makeup, dead skin cells and the sebum and sweat that your glands secrete. If you don’t cleanse your face this unwanted debris sits on the skin blocks the follicles, contributing to acne.

The skin is an organ that has a “clock” meaning that part of its normal cycle is for the skin to replenish skin cells and repair DNA at night. This is part of how the cells detoxify themselves. So if your makeup hasn’t been properly removed the skin can’t get the oxygen it needs for the repair. We want to encourage and help this process rather than hinder it. Night is the perfect time to apply concentrated serums that help this process. But of course they won’t absorb if blocked by the daily debris that accumulates. Pre-cleansing removes the surface dirt, oil and makeup allowing your cleanser to clean deeply and ensure your skin gets the full benefits of any following products.

pre-cleansing eye makeup remover

Eye Makeup Remover

Glo-therapeutics Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is designed to easily and effectively remove all traces of eye makeup while actually conditioning the eye area.

An anti-inflammatory eye makeup remover that leaves the skin soothed and hydrated. This non-oily makeup remover formula is appropriate for even the most sensitive eyes and it has been specially tested to insure that it is non irritating. Using a cotton pad saturated with the product gently swipe across the eyes and lips to remove makeup. For waterproof or stubborn makeup –turn the cotton pads over and repeat the process.

Green Tea in this pre-cleansing product provides antioxidants and anti-ageing benefits. Plantaren 2000N is a mild cleansing agent from renewable plant-derived raw materials. Together these ingredients remove makeup on even the most sensitive skin leaving it refreshed and soft.

pre-cleansing skincare

Skin Cleanser

The second step in the pre-cleanse is the use of Essential Cleansing Oil. This skin cleanser is designed to dissolve any oil based debris on the skin and lift it away when rinsed. Using an oil to cleanse the face is based on the well know premise that “like dissolves like”. When massaged into the skin, this cleansing oil skin cleanser is the best way to remove those cosmetics that are designed to cling to the skin. It also loosens up sebum that has hardened and can get stuck in the follicles. So, not only is it non-comedogenic, but it is very helpful for oily and acne prone skin. Because oils don’t change the pH of your skin, this is safe for sensitive and dry skins that have reduced barrier function.

The Essential Cleansing Oil binds to surface impurities and when water is added, rinses cleanly without residue. In order to get the best results it should be applied with dry hands to a dry face. Then after working it into the skin, add water and lightly massage. The oil will turn white which means it has emulsified and will rinse away easily.

We carefully chose the combination of oils in this versatile and essential cleaning product. Safflower Oil is light and non-comedogenic, Grape Seed is a powerful antioxidant with soothing, antibacterial and reparative properties. Jojoba Seed Oil moisturises dry and inflamed skin. We recommend using Essential Cleansing Oil in the morning as well as in the evening. Starting off with the cleanest skin possible will enable your daytime products to stay on and give your skin the glo that only comes from healthy skin!

Discover your ideal skincare routine here. 

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