Rosy Cheeks for Spring

The rosy, flushed cheek look is very easy to achieve. All you need is a vibrant blush and an illuminating, sheer bb foundation

First things first, you need to make sure the blusher shade suits your skin tone. For fairer complexions, go for a coral or soft pink blusher shade and for medium to deep complexions choose anything from a warm pink blusher, to an orange, bronze or red blusher.

Get Natural Looking Rosy Cheeks


  1. With your Blush Brush, apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks with light feathering motions. Blend upwards toward the temple to diffuse and blend the colour out well.
  2. Next, using the Liquid Foundation Brush apply a very small amount of bb foundation over the top of your blusher.
  3. Finally, blend out the bb foundation with the same Blush Brush so it sheers out the blush colour. This mutes the blusher to make it look like you have a more natural, flushed glow. Plus, it adds a slight highlight to the cheek and upper cheekbone.


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