Perfect Makeup: Top Tips For Setting Your Makeup

Whether you’ve spent 5 minutes or an hour creating your perfect makeup look, the most important step is to set your makeup! A common mistake is to pile on products in the hope of a long lasting finish. When in reality, all that happens is you end up giving your foundation the dreaded “cakey” appearance. We are going to take a closer look at the different products you can use, and most importantly the right way to use them.

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Steps To The Perfect Makeup Finish

Which Product To Use

So you have followed our 3 simple steps to achieving a flawless base now how do you ensure that your makeup lasts all day? The first step is to figure out which type of powder is best for you and the needs of your skin. We have 4 main finishing powders, these are:

  • Luxe Setting Powder –  a loose translucent powder which provides a sheer, silky smooth finish
  • Loose Matte Finishing Powder – a loose translucent, oil-absorbing setting powder which is perfect for a shine-free finish
  • Perfecting Powder – a clay-based, oil absorbing pressed powder which offers a translucent and matte finish
  • Protecting Powder – a dust-on loose powder with a built in brush, perfect for on-the-go application

Tips For A Flawless Finish

Let’s look at the application of the powder. This can differ from person to person but one rule applies to all, start light! It’s easier to top up powder in the areas you need it than to end up with that caked-on look which cracks if you dare to smile. You have 2 main tools of choice, the powder puff or a big, fluffy brush like our Powder Brush. We prefer to apply with a brush and use the puff for any little touch ups throughout the day. Start by patting the brush into your powder, then tap off any excess and lightly dust what’s left across your face. You can sweep across the whole face or, if you prefer, just on your oily areas. To get the perfect makeup finish we like to dust over the whole face, then one extra go over the T-zone, just to avoid shine.

One rule to remember is that “like goes with like”. So if you’re going to be applying a powder blush or bronzer on top of your liquid foundation, apply your setting powder first. This stops the pigment from grabbing onto your foundation, leaving a streaky and uneven finish.

Our final finishing touch, to ensure your makeup still looks like real skin, is a hydration mist. A quick spritz eliminates that dusty look and melts the powder into your foundation. Leaving you with long-lasting, perfect makeup!

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