Get Groomed Natural Eyebrows in 5 Steps

Whether you realise it or not, eyebrows play a key role in overall facial structure. By spending a little time and using the correct brow product, everyone can achieve more balanced and proportionate facial features with a beautiful brow. Get full, natural eyebrows by working with your natural shape and a few brow essentials.
groomed, natural eyebrows

What You Will Need:

5 Steps to Achieving the Natural Eyebrows Look:

  1. First, brush through your brows using the Spoolie end of your Precision Brow Pencil.
  2. Then fill in any sparse areas with your eyebrow pencil with light, hair-like strokes.
  3. Next, taking your Brow Quad, customise your ideal brow shade using the two brow powder shades available in the palette. Lightly apply this shade through your eyebrows for more subtle definition with the large end of the Dual Brow Brush.
  4. Going back to the Brow Quad, dip into the highlight shade with the smaller end of the Dual Brow Brush and apply this on your brow bone to lift the brow and help your eyes look larger.
  5. Finally, taking the wax from this eyebrow kit. Set the brow hairs in place for a groomed and tidy finished look.

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