Most Common Face Skin Problems and How to Stop Them

most common face skin problems and how to treat them

Acne, enlarged pores, dark circles are no doubt the most common face skin problems. Your skin is living its own life and often throws unexpected and annoying problems at you? Let’s solve them together – we will tell you the most common skin problems and ways to treat them.

How to get rid of Puffy Eyes

Getting out of bed in the morning, the first thing that you usually do after brushing your teeth is going to the kitchen. But this time, instead of grabbing a cup of coffee our aim is to get some ice cubes. Applying ice cubes on the eyelids will constrict the capillaries and will release the swelling. In the long term, however, use products containing toning components.

How to mask them: in order to mask the puffiness in your eyelids, use darker tones instead of the light ones. Apply a darker tone concealer to the puffed region and gradually lighten the tone as you reach the less swollen region. Make sure to blend in properly so you don’t end up looking like a leopard – primers and beige tones should do the trick. Avoid bright colours on the days when your eyes are puffed – you don’t want to make them stand out.

How to treat Acne

This problem is a little bit harder to get rid of than puffy eyes. The first thing that you should avoid doing is to stop touching your face. Touching your face during the day is exactly what provokes acne appearing on it. Use products containing salicylic acid to dry the inflammation in several days and to stop bacterial growth. It will also help you regulate sebum production.

How to mask them: Much easier than getting rid of a spot, just apply a denser layer of make-up to the inflamed area and the surrounding regions. If the spot is still visible, try using a nude corrector and if the problem is chronic for you, you should pick the right products for oily skin that also have antibacterial properties.

finding a spot on your face

How to stop Enlarged Pores

It is pointless to try and constrict them whilst your pores are all clogged up. The most important aspect of preventing your pores from clogging up is to thoroughly remove your daily make up at the end of the day. Look for Aloe vera extract as one of the ingredients in your makeup removal product – it contains antibacterial properties and will decrease oil production in your skin.

How to avoid Dark Circles

Activate your lifestyle – get out to the park more often to breathe some fresh air. Getting enough sleep is just as important – science recommends 8 hours of quality sleep a day. Also, it is vital to stay hydrated not only for preventing dark circles around your eyes but also for preventing other skin problems.

How to mask them: if you add white to black you will end up with grey. So, don’t think that the darker your circles are the lighter your concealer should be. To start off, apply a concealer only a couple tones paler than your skin and only then apply a much lighter tone.

How treat dark circles

How to prevent Faint Skin Colour and Discolouration

Going away on a holiday would be the best solution to this problem. However, if you get too caught up at work and don’t have time to go to a sunny place, don’t give up – there still are ways around this problem. Start using skincare products that contain Vitamin C and antioxidants. It will transform the clarity of your skin and brighten it up.

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