Makeup Tutorial – Leave Your Mark

We have created the perfect gift set for you, or a loved one, to experiment with lip and eye looks with ease. Leave Your Mark is an amazing 10 piece crayon box made up of 3 fabulous Cream Stay Shadow Sticks, 3 Suede Matte Lip Crayons, 3 Cream Glaze Lip Crayons and a crayon sharpener. We’ve put together this makeup tutorial to help you experiment with your new crayon set, check it out below.

makeup tutorial glo skin beauty

Leave Your Mark Makeup Tutorial

Step 1 – Base

  1. Apply Glo Skin Beauty Moisturizing Tint SPF 30+ in your perfect shade all over the face using either clean fingertips, or the Liquid Foundation brush. For the look created below we used the shade Light.
  2. Next apply Glo Skin Beauty Tinted Primer SPF 30, again using either fingertips or the liquid foundation brush. The shade Medium was used in our look.
  3. Conceal any remaining issues which need a little extra coverage with Glo Skin Beauty Oil Free Camouflage. Apply this using the Camouflage brush for easy spot treatment. We used the shade Medium.
  4. Reduce any redness or brighten any areas of your complexion with Glo Skin Beauty Liquid Bright Concealer in Brighten. Apply and blend using clean fingertips.
  5. For staying power set the look with Glo Skin Beauty Luminous Setting Powder. This should be applied using the soft, round end of the Contour/Highlight Brush.

Step 2 – Contour + Highlight

  1. Using the Glo Skin Beauty Contour Kit, sweep the contour shades 1 and 2 along the hairline, jawline and cheekbones with theΒ  soft, round end of the Contour/Highlight Brush. Then, using either the Eye Blender or Texture Eye Brush, blend the same shades down the bridge of the nose and in the crease of the eyes.
  2. Add a subtle shimmer to all of the high points of the face with the Shimmer Highlight shade, apply to your upper cheekbones, forehead, brow bone, bridge of nose and inner corner of the eyes. Using the Matte Highlight shade, lightly highlight underneath the eyes and along the centre of the nose using the Eye Blender Brush.

Step 3 – Eyes

  1. Β Start with your brows as they frame the eyes. Fill and define your brows using the Glo Skin Beauty Precise Micro Browliner in a shade closest to your hair colour. In the makeup tutorial video we used the shade Raven.
  2. Using clean fingertips apply and blend in Glo Skin Beauty Shadow Primer from the lash line up to the brow bone.
  3. With the Glo Skin BeautyΒ Cream Stay Shadow Stick in the shade Keepsake, shade your eyelids and lower lash line. Blend the edges with clean fingertips.
  4. Highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes with Glo Skin Beauty Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Beam.
  5. Line the upper lash line and waterline with the shade Pitch in the Glo Skin Beauty Cream Stay Shadow Stick. Smudge with the Smudge Brush.
  6. To complete the eyes add a generous coat of Glo Skin Beauty Volumizing Mascara.

Step 4 – Lips

This is the fun part! With 6 gorgeous shades to choose from in 2 finishes, matte or shine, the possibilities are endless!

As a guide, we have listed the shades below in order from lightest to darkest.

  1. Cream Glaze in Chiffon
  2. Suede Matte in Heirloom
  3. Suede Matte in Demure
  4. Cream Glaze in Dahlia
  5. Suede Matte in Rumor
  6. Suede Matte in Crimson

Get Your Leave Your Mark Crayon Box here.

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