Makeup Tips: How-To Rain Proof Your Makeup

At this time of year  it’s likely at one point or another you’ll have to face venturing out into the rain to get somewhere. We have some handy makeup tips to ensure your makeup stays looking great even when our great British weather puts it to the test.

makeup tips for rainproof makeup

Your Rain-Proof Makeup Tips

  1. Our first tip is an important one! If you really want your makeup to stand the tests of the elements, and time, always start with a good primer. Not only will a primer smooth out any imperfections for a flawless base for your foundation, it will give your look staying power. Our favourite is the Tinted Primer SPF30, because in addition to being the perfect base, you can also wear it alone for those days when you want a little less coverage.
  2. Next up your foundation. When it comes to foundation colour-matching is key! You don’t want a different shade of skin shining through where the rain drops land. We have a handy guide to help you ensure your foundation blends into your skin tone seamlessly.
  3. If your look doesn’t feel complete with a bit of blush, head for cream formulas. They’re more compatible with wet weather conditions and easy to blend if they do happen to get patchy due to rain drops.
  4. Onto the eyes. Rainy day makeup is best kept as simple as possible. If you do want some colour on your eyes, as with your blusher, stick to cream formulas. Our cream stay shadow sticks are perfect for the job! When it comes to mascara + rain, there’s only one solution. Waterproof!
  5. The last of our makeup tips is don’t forget to set your makeup! Unless you want your  hard work to come undone, this step is an important one. Our experts love the Hydration Mist, a light mist of a water based spray can really help to set your makeup. More tips for setting your makeup can be found here.
  6. This isn’t a makeup tip, and may sound pretty obvious, but try to remember an umbrella. Primers and setting sprays can only withstand so much.

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