Makeup Brushes vs. Fingertips: Which is Better For the Skin?

We’ve mentioned this before, but we’ll say it again; your makeup should be an extension of your skincare routine. This is why all glo-minerals products are designed to nourish the skin, not just to cover it. But if you’re using your fingers to apply your makeup, you could be making the high-quality ingredients in your products useless. With the right makeup brushes, you get the full benefits of your makeup products. Plus, with clean brushes, you avoid the risk of spreading bacteria from your hands to your face.

makeup brushes

5 Ground Rules for How to Apply Makeup:

  1. If touching your face with your hands isn’t essential, don’t.
  2. Before you apply a cleanser or moisturiser, be sure that you’ve washed your hands properly!
  3. For foundation, concealer, eye makeup, or blush use clean brushes.
  4. If you don’t want to purchase multiple brushes, find ones that can multi-task.
  5. If you do use multi-tasking makeup brushes, make sure to clean them between products to prevent the spread of bacteria. Read our top tips on cleaning makeup brushes properly.

Top 5 Must-Have Makeup Brushes

  1. glo-minerals’ Dual Foundation Camouflage Makeup Brush should be a staple in your makeup brushes collection. It can be used to apply both your foundation and concealer for a flawless skin finish.
  2. The Kabuki Brush is the ultimate multi-tasking brush. Compact and an expert blending tool, it can cover most of your basic makeup needs.
  3. For that perfectly glowing look, the Texture Brush is a must-have. This brush can blend any bronzing powder and highlighter into the skin for a dewy, bronzed look in addition to being a perfect applicator for blusher.
  4. For a seamless eye makeup look, we prefer to use a few different brushes to achieve the perfect eye look. However, if we had to pick just one of our eye makeup brushes it would have to be the Eye Blender Brush. It’s a truly versatile brush that can be used to pack on pigment, create depth in the crease and blend out eye shadow for a smooth finish. (If you’re like us and need more than just one eye makeup brush, check out our top eye makeup brushes here.)
  5. Of course, we couldn’t forget the all important brush to achieve a sharp winged liner and bold brow look and that’s the Eyeliner/Brow Brush. Use this brush to apply eyeliner to the lash line for added intensity and thicker looking lashes. Plus, create a perfect frame for the eyes by filling in sparse brows and defining them. Just remember to wash the brush before changing products!

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