How to Prevent and Reverse Signs of Ageing

We all know that sooner or later, you’ll look in the mirror and realise that your battle against wrinkles has started! But thank goodness, there are weapons to give you the home advantage.

Signs of aging

Various genetic and biological factors contribute to trigger the signs of the passing of time on the face, such as hormonal changes, reduction in production of oestrogen, collagen and elastin; and the aggression of atmospheric agents such as UVA rays, wind and extreme temperatures.

Causes of aging

The skin becomes thinner and loses its tone, nourishment, density, hydration, all leading to the hated wrinkles beginning to appear. If you want to know some tips to support the skin, and soften your expression lines, keep reading…

Dark circles

As we all know dark and puffy eyes give us a tired and aged look.

To improve the appearance of fine lines and puffiness while restoring skin’s texture you can use the Eye Restore Cream. Formulated with Vitamin K to prevent the effects of circulatory problems, dark circles, redness and broken capillaries.

Dark circles under eyes

Dry skin

Dehydration also contributes to prematurely-aging skin.

The use of a good moisturizer to mask and smooth the appearance of wrinkles is also a must. Restorative Mask deeply moisturizes to improve the elasticity and overall skin health. Moreover, never forget to put on sunscreen all year long, not just when you go to the beach!

Dry skin

Loss of skin tone and elasticity

The lower production of collagen reduces the elasticity in the face, leading to a fatigued look.

This decrease in skin tone can be fought by following a healthy diet, doing facial gymnastic exercises and applying Skin Firming Cream to your the face.

Wrinkles around the mouth and the neck

The famous signs of time passing appears around the lips and neck usually when you reach your early thirties. Characterized by a feint line from the base of the nose to the corners of the mouth, and circles around the neck. These can certainly add a few more years to our appearance. To mitigate and reduce the sight of these lines, we recommend the Phyto Active Firming Serum or Neck Firming Serum.

Wrinkles around the mouth and the neck

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