Define Your Features: How To Contour and Highlight

Contouring may seem intimidating but in actual fact, it’s not as hard as it looks! Trust me when I say after you read this tutorial you’ll wonder why you ever thought it was so complicated. We’ve created two tutorials, using our Contour Kits in shades Fair to Light and Medium to Dark. Define, accentuate and minimise all the right features with our guide on how to contour and highlight.

contour and highlight

Contour and Highlight: Medium to Dark

contour and highlight

Janeena (top) has a medium complexion with a warm undertone. For those with a warmer, darker complexion like Janeena the Contour Kit in Medium to Dark is ideal.

  1. First taking the shade Contour 2 with the tapered end of the Contour/Highlight Brush. Janeena applied it to the hairline and hollows of her cheeks to create the illusion of a more angular and sculpted bone structure.
  2. To slim out her nose, like a non-surgical nose job, she again used the shade contour 2 with the Eye Blender Brush. To make your nose appear smaller and more slender, take a darker shade like Janeena and create a shadow down the sides of our nose
  3. Following this, Janeena used the domed end of the Contour/Highlight Brush to dab the Highlight shade to all the areas she wanted to draw attention to. She applied the highlight to the center of her forehead, down the bridge of her nose and just above her cheekbones.
  4. To create an even more intense highlight, for that gorgeous glow, she layered Shimmer Highlight over the matte highlight above her cheekbones.

Contour and Highlight: Fair to Light

contour and highlight

Rhiannon (bottom) has an olive undertone and a light complexion. For those with a similar complexion, you can actually use both contour kits. However, for a more natural look we recommend using the Fair to Light kit whilst if you want a more dramatic and intense look, you can use the Medium to Dark kit.

  1. Taking the tapered end of the Contour/Highlight Brush Rhiannon blended the shades Contour 1 and 2 from the Fair to Light kit together. Then, just like Janeena she defined her features  by blending this darker shade into her hairline, across her cheekbones and down the sides of her nose.
  2. She also used the Contour 2 shade from the Medium to Dark kit with the domed end of Contour/Highlight Brush to sculpt her jaw. (This shade can also be used to create a warm bronzed effect across your cheekbones and cheeks!)
  3. To achieve that dewy look, Rhiannon added the Shimmer Highlight shade from the Medium to Dark kit on the tops of her cheekbones.

Expert Tips & Tricks

  • Our contour kit shades can also be used on the eyes as highlight and crease shadows.
  • As mentioned above, the darker and warmer contour shades can also be used as an all-over bronzer.
  • If you’re not happy with a shade by itself, remember you can always mix shades together to customise your ideal colour.

So there you have it! Didn’t I say it’s not that tricky? Go ahead now and get those chiseled cheekbones!

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