Foundation Guide: How-To Find The Perfect Formula

Choosing the perfect foundation can be a tricky task. There are many factors that you need to consider, from your skin tone, skin type, or condition to the kind of coverage and finish you wish to achieve. Below we explain, simplify and help you to find your perfect mineral foundation.

luminous liquid foundation

Find Your Perfect Foundation

The first important step toward choosing the right foundation is to familiarise yourself with its 3 properties: coverage, finish, and skin type.


Coverage is the level to which your foundation covers your skin. This depends on not just personal preference but also whether you have a certain skin condition, which you are choosing to cover. There are 3 levels of coverage:

Sheer Coverage: For clear or slightly flawed skin.
Medium Coverage: For skin with mid-range problems such as hyperpigmentation, moderate acne and blemishes.
Full Coverage: For complexions with stubborn afflictions, such as rosacea, inflammation, severe acne and post procedure treated skin.


Finish is the final look the foundation has on the skin. There are 5 possible finishes:

Matte: No sheen or shine on the face.
Semi-matte: Sheen, not shine.
Satin: Fresh, natural glow.
Dewy: Vibrant, healthy sheen.
Semi-dewy: Light, healthy sheen.

Skin Type

Your foundation choice also depends on your skin type. Some foundations are more mattifying and ideal for oily skin types, while others are hydrating and so better for dry skin types.

To identify which skin type you have, follow the steps in our simple guide here.

pressed base foundation


Now that you have established your skin type and the kind of look you want to go for, see below for 4 options from the glo skin beauty range, all offering different finishes.

Pressed Base –  provides a semi-matte finish, with sheer to full coverage and it’s suitable for all skin types

Satin Cream Foundation – provides a satin finish, with sheer to full coverage and it’s best for normal to dry skin

Luminous Liquid – gives a dewy finish, with sheer to full coverage, perfect for most skin types but not oily

Loose Base – leaves a dewy finish, providing medium to full coverage, and suitable normal to dry skin

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