We are now in December, and we bet that many of you have already been victims of the treacherous cold! Runny nose, dozens of sneezing one in a row, chills and trembling often accompany us during the fall and winter months, not to mention the damn flu, which is able to debilitate anyone in a few days! But when the damage is done, what can be done to avoid looking like a zombie eager for tissues and over-the-counter drugs?


When you are forced to go back to work, school or university, but you have not yet completely recovered, the first thing to do, to have a more defined and less tired look, is to use mascara, but strictly water resistant!

This is because, flu-like syndromes can alter the mechanisms of tearing, and this is why, when we have been affected by an influenza virus or a cold, our eyes water more often. A water-resistant mascara will help us not to turn into a panda at the first sneeze.

Counteract the redness. The redness on our face can be contrasted and covered using appropriate products, non-aggressive so as not to worsen and increase the irritation of the skin. Our Redness Relief Powder will immediately make you feel better and safer by covering the redness of your face.


One of the first consequences of cold and flu is dehydration, so keep your body hydrated in all possible ways! Drink a lot, especially hot teas that will also help you relax and pamper yourself, and never forget to hydrate your lips!

That because, with the nose plugged, you tend to breathe with your mouth, and this contributes a lot to make your lips chapped and dry! If you are at home, use the lip revivalForget lipstick and gloss that risk drooling very easily with all those sneezes!

In addition, by blowing your nose billions of times a day, the skin in this area becomes even more dry and chapped. So you must always have your cream with you to prevent the skin from cracking further and to soothe inflammation. 


To even out your skin colour, we suggest, when you are affected and cooled, to forget wearing foundations, that are matt and heavy on the skin, and opt for the light cover of the Tint Primer SPF 30, which in one go will hydrate, offer light sun protection and cover imperfections. Adding a touch of Cream Blush will also help to have that healthy face, which is often greyish and pale when we are sickly!

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