Why You Should Be Using a Face Spray

Do you have a face spray in your makeup collection? No? Well, you might want to reconsider.
face spray

The Hydration Mists

glo-minerals has two makeup setting sprays which can be used in various ways to achieve nourished, dewy skin.

Moist Hydration Mist and Revive Hydration Mist instantly, soothe and hydrate skin as well as setting makeup to last all day.

Their anti-ageing properties with an exclusive blend of antioxidants provide nourishment that is vital to maintaining skin’s healthy radiance. Formulated with Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin and heavy water (D2O), which is 10% heavier than H2O, so it does not evaporate as fast and stays on the skin longer for a more hydrating and plumping effect. Plus this face spray includes Chamomile, Allantoin, and Burdock Root to soothe and calm skin. So, for those who need makeup for sensitive or dry skin, these face mists are the perfect addition to your makeup kit.

Using Your Face Spray

The most common use for a face mist is as a makeup setting spray. If you want to make your makeup look skin-like, fresh dewy and natural, then a face spray is the perfect thing to spritz all over your face to prevent skin looking powdery. But there are also some other creative ways to use your face mist to give your skin and makeup that natural, glowy appearance.

  • Under Your Moisturiser: After your cleansing skin care routine, give your skin a thorough spray of your face mist. Then whilst skin is still damp, apply your moisturiser on top to really help lock in the water and moisture for radiant, hydrated skin.
  • After Each Layer: For super-dewy skin, that gives you the just-got-a-facial look, use your face spray after each application of makeup. Just spritz a small amount after each makeup application (after your primer, foundation, powder etc…)to keep your skin extra-hydrated and have the finished product looking gorgeously luminous.
  • On Your Makeup Brush: To make your foundation glide on smoothly or to enhance the pigment in your eyeshadow, spritz on some hydration face mist to get the product payoff you want.

Pair your face mist with a mineral foundation for the ultimate healthy skin. Find out how a mineral foundation can improve your skin.

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