How to do perfect eyebrows

eyebrowTop Tips for how to do the perfect eyebrows

Fuller, groomed brows have become one of the most sought after looks by makeup lovers. A beautiful brow can really help to frame the face. But your eyebrow makeup can either make or break your beauty look, so it’s crucial that you get them totally right!

Young girls often break the cardinal eyebrow ruler by over plucking. So, the best advice for that is to stay away from the tweezers. Only let someone who knows what they’re doing anywhere near your brows.

On the other end of the spectrum, with the recent trend of thicker eyebrows, lots of people make the mistake of overdrawing or overdoing it with the brow pencil. This results in brows that look unnatural and which overwhelm the rest of the face. So be sure to stick to your natural shape and remember, less is more with eyebrow makeup!

6-Step Eyebrow Tutorial

So how do you do perfect eyebrows with makeup?

Follow our easy 6-step eyebrow makeup tutorial below.

eyebrow tutorial

  1. Comb through your brows using a spoolie brush or the spoolie end of your Precision Brow Pencil.
  2. Line the bottom of the brow and extend (if necessary). Use the Precision Brow Pencil or Precise Micro Browliner for a more defined shaped. Remember that the tail of your brow should not go further than the edge of your eye.
  3. Mix and blend the light and dark shades from the Brow Quad or Brow Powder Duo to create your custom eyebrow shade.
  4. Fill in any sparse areas of your brow with this customised colour with the large side of the Dual Brow Brush. Draw in light hair-like strokes for a natural finish. You can also use your spoolie brush to soften and blend out any colour build-up.
  5. Outline the brow with Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer in Brighten or you could lightly add highlight from the Brow Quad onto the brow bone using the smaller end of the Dual Brow Brush. This step will add even more definition and enhance the arch of your brows to open up your eyes.
  6. Go over your brows with wax from the Brow Quad or with Brow Gel to set the hair and colour in place.

NOTE: The key thing to remember is that your brows are sisters, not twins. So don’t fret if they don’t completely match!

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