How to apply eyebrow makeup

The gorgeous, full eyebrows trend is still going strong. So we thought an updated eyebrow tutorial would be perfect. Learn how to sculpt and refine your brows to absolute perfection. Follow our easy 4-step guide on how to apply eyebrow makeup below!

eyebrow makeup


Step One: Sculpt

The first step we suggest is to create a personalised guideline with concealer to help shape your brows to your desired finish. It’s a great little template for you to then begin filling in your brows without overdrawing or overdoing it later on. We recommend using the Camouflage Oil Free or Under Eye Concealer in a colour 2-3 shades lighter than your skin tone and apply with an Eyeliner/Brow Brush to draw your guidelines with absolute precision.


micro-browStep Two: Define

Next, take the Precise Micro Browliner and fill in any sparse areas of your eyebrows with feather light, hair-like strokes. Define your natural browline but be sure to carefully blend out all the eyebrow makeup with the spoolie-end of the Browliner so they look more naturally groomed.


brow-duoStep Three: Refine

If the colour of your eyebrows aren’t exactly what you wanted, then you can then further customise the shade with the Brow Powder Duo. Using the Dual Brow Brush, you can add depth and dimension to your brows so that they look naturally fuller and bolder. Once this is complete you can blend out the concealer you applied in step one, into your foundation.


brow-gelStep Four: Set

Tame and set unruly brow hairs and ensure your eyebrow makeup lasts all day with a light application of Brow Gel or wax from the Brow Quad.



And voila! You now have gorgeous stand-out brows!

If you feel like you need a visual tutorial, we have that too! Check it out below:

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