Tea bag beauty hacks

Did you know there are many everyday beauty hacks which can be done with objects that you most likely have at home already.

Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea?

You might even be enjoying one right now while you’re reading this.

Did you know that there are other uses for your trusty tea bags?

Take a look at some of our of top tea bag beauty hacks below.

everyday beauty tips - tea bag eye mask

Everyday Beauty – Tea Bag Beauty Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Tip 1

This tip you might already know about. If your eyes are feeling and looking a little on the tired side, tea bags can actually help! What you need to do is, soak 2 tea bags in warm water. Once you’ve done this, squeeze out the water a little bit, then lie back and pop one on each eye and relax for around 20 minutes. According to experts, it’s the tannin in the tea which reduces puffiness and soothes tired eyes.

Tip 2

Tea toner anyone? That’s right tea can be used to tone your skin and reduce oiliness. Also, tea’s antioxidants help to naturally repair and protect the skin. For this everyday beauty tip, all you need to do is simply wipe the wet tea bag over your skin, ensuring that you hit the oily parts the most.

Tip 3

Did you know you can use a tea bag to rescue a nail before it breaks? Cut a small piece of a dry teabag into a square, the same size as the tear in your nail. Then apply a coat of clear nail varnish to your nail, place the tea bag square over the tear, and apply one more varnish layer over the top. Once completely dry, buff gently with a file and you’re nail is ready to be coated with coloured varnish again.

Tip 4

This next tip requires green tea. The tannin, which helped with the tired eyes, also can removed bacteria and toxins from active acne breakouts. So next time you’ve finished making your cup of green tea, don’t throw the tea bag away! Gently rub the tea bag in a circular motion around any active acne breakout areas. This tip should only be carried out on a clean, cleansed face.

Tip 5

Back to black tea again. Black tea can be used to treat minor cuts and razor burns. The tannic acid helps to shrink blood vessels and stop bleeding, whilst the astringent qualities will stop the painful stinging sensation.

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