Effects Of Alcohol On Your Skin

Over the festive period it’s easy to get caught up in the party spirit (whether that spirit be vodka, rum or whisky is your choice). But do you know the effects of alcohol which show up on your skin? The damage which alcohol can do to your liver and kidneys is widely known. We take a closer look at some of the more unknown effects it can have on your skin.

cheers the effects of alcohol on the skin

Effects Of Alcohol On Your Skin

1 – Dehydration

After a night of drinking you might find yourself waking up with an extremely dry mouth! Alcohol is having just the same effect on your skin! Alcohol is what’s known as a diuretic, so it forces water out of your body. Not only does it force water out, it also makes it harder for you to rehydrate too! This results in dry, flaky skin become much more visible, leaving your skin looking dull and lifeless.

2 – Redness/Rosacea

General facial redness and the appearance of permanent spider veins can be caused by blood vessels over dilating. Β Heavy drinking can, over time, cause permanent damage to your skin. A highly visible effect it can have is Rosacea. The majority of Rosacea sufferers say that alcohol is their number one trigger. Learn more about Rosacea here.

3 – Puffy Eyes/Dark Circles

One of the effects of alcohol is that it plays havoc with your sleep cycle. Lack of sleep of course then leads to unwanted dark circles and puffy eyes. If you find your eyes look bloodshot the morning after, this is because alcohol also enlarges the small blood vessels in the eyes!

4 – Premature Ageing

Many alcoholic drinks, especially cocktails, are combined with sweet, sugary mixers. These sugary mixers will lead to a condition known as systematic inflammation, which causes cell damage. It is this cell damage that will eventually lead to the increased loss of elasticity in your skin, causing early signs of ageing such as wrinkles.

But if you have overindulged a little lately, don’t worry! Your skin functions tend to return to normal once you start to rehydrate, your skin will start to look healthier and you’re pores will begin to shrink. Your body will need to build up it’s antioxidant stores again so be careful with the foods you choose to eat. Check out our good to healthy foods for healthy skin here.

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