How To Disguise Dark Circles and Hyperpigmentation

Trying to simultaneously disguise dark circles and hyperpigmentation might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. All you really need is some good coverage makeup and corrective concealing techniques to get your skin looking faultless and fresh.

disguise dark circles and pigmentation


Our model Richa’s hyperpigmentation gives her complexion an uneven look. So to provide an even canvas, we started by using Tinted Primer SPF 30 in Dark and applied it with the Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brush. Primers work to both smooth out any pores, fines lines, and imperfections but this Tinted Primer also adds a touch of colour to the skin. This is a great initial step to help make your colour correction easier later on.

Richa suffers from oily skin and prefers a buildable mineral powder foundation. So, we applied two layers of Pressed Base in Chestnut Light using the Ultra Brush to complete her base.

You can find the ideal foundation formula for your skin type here.

Colour Correction

It’s better to apply your foundation before your concealer, as if your base provides sufficient coverage, you may only need a little concealer.

To disguise dark circles, you want to start with a deeper shade of the Under Eye Concealer. For Richa, we used the shade Honey and applied it with a Texture Eye Brush. Then, using the same brush, take the lighter shade of the same concealer and apply on top for added coverage and brightness.

To reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, use Camouflage Oil Free and take the detailed end of the Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brush to precisely apply and cover the pigmentated areas. Then flip the brush over to the large end and blend the concealer into your foundation through a dabbing motion. For Richa, we used Camouflage Oil Free in the shade Golden Honey. However, if you have a lighter skin tone, we recommend a peachy concealer or the natural shade from the Corrective Camouflage Kit. Then, follow this up with your usual concealer shade.


The final step is to add dimension and brightness to the skin. The Luxe Liquid Bright Concealer is a great choice and we used shade Sunburst on Richa. This concealer can also be used to disguise dark circles and pigmentation, but on darker skin tones like Richa, it is also a great highlighter.

So to add dimension to the face, we applied this concealer to her upper jawline, upper cheekbones, the center of her nose and on her chin. Be sure to blend well so the finishing look is natural and seamless.

And there you have it, a glowing, even complexion in only a few steps!

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