Dark Circles: Common Causes and Remedies

Dark circles are one of the most common dermatological problems out there. The most popular opinion for the cause of dark circles is usually due to an incorrectly balanced diet and the effect of the environment or sleep deprivation. However, the whole picture is more complex than this.

There are two types of dark circles.

Drak circles blue

The first type of dark circles has a blue-colour tone which are actually capillaries that have burst due to high pressure. These are especially visible because of the nature of the skin in the area under the eye – skin in this is particularly thin and sensitive.

The second type of dark circles have a brown colour and are caused by hyperpigmentation in the eye area. Hyperpigmentation often has a genetic origin and can worsen with time spent under the direct influence of sun without protection.

Dark circles - brown tone

Although getting rid of dark circles may be difficult and time consuming, there are several good ways to deal with them. Like any skin condition, dark circles have a tendency to increase in size and darken. The main reasons for this is that with aging, skin becomes thinner and more transparent, as the fat layer under it diminishes and collagen wears out.

Causes and Remedies

To decrease the process of darkening, avoid rubbing your eyes when removing your make-up and sunbathing without sun protection. Other risks include increased salt content in the diet and hormonal imbalances.

Getting enough sleep will increase the chances of preventing dark circles under the eyes. In addition to that, various skincare products are available specifically for the sensitive skin under the eyes.

Dark circles causes and remedies

If you can’t get rid of the dark circles through common methods then you should at least know the correct ways to mask them. We are sure that you will choose the right brand and here are several tips for everything else:

• Find an under eye concealer with a lid that can be closed for good. Concealer is your magic solution that you will need to take everywhere.

• Use a highlighter along with concealer – use it to highlight the base of your nose to create an impression of fresh and rested skin.

• Choose a concealer according to your skin type. If you have sensitive skin then a powdered concealer should be perfect for you.

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