Cruelty Free Makeup – Is glo Skin Beauty cruelty free?

Is glo Skin Beauty a cruelty free makeup line? Of course it is! Here at glo Skin Beauty we love our animals just as much as we love our makeup, which is why we see no appeal in hurting them for our own beauty gains.

Cruelty Free Makeup – Our Vow

Our brand has made a commitment to upholding the highest values and ethical standards in everything we do. We vow never to test our products on animals, nor will we allow others to test on animals on our behalf. Furthermore, we do not include any raw ingredients in our makeup which have been tested on animals. Plus we do not work with and will not enter into business markets with those that require animal testing. For example, China only permits international brands who test their cosmetics on animals, to sell in their market. Consequently, we do not do business with the Chinese market.

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Beauty Without Bunnies

Beauty Without Bunnies is a program by PETA which aims to help those who only wish to buy cruelty-free makeup brands. It is designed for compassionate shoppers who want to only use humanely manufactured products. Their online database makes it easy for makeup-lovers to find which companies and products are cruelty-free. So you can enjoy your products knowing innocent animals have not suffered for it.

Our collaboration with Beauty Without Bunnies reflects our achievement in holding ourselves to a higher, more humane standard.

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