Chapped Lips: How To Treat And Prevent Them

cracked chapped lips close up

At this time of year dry, painful, chapped lips can affect any one of us. As the weather turns colder we adapt our skincare routine, so don’t forget your lip care! Keep reading to discover tips on how chapped lips can be treated and prevented.

Treating Chapped Lips

  1. Drink plenty of water! Try to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, not only will this benefit your lips but the rest of your body too.
  2. Use a lip balm with the right ingredients to restore you lips. Glo Skin Beauty Lip Balm heals dry lips with nourishing botanicals and also protects them with SPF15. If you want something a little richer then try Glo Skin Beauty Lip Revival. This product creates fuller and smoother lips with active ingredients designed to increase hydration and collagen production, Leaving you with a softer, fuller pout.
  3. Avoid citrus fruits! Until your lips are fully healed, try to avoid acidic fruits as the juices can sting and lead to more flaking.
  4. Don’t lick your lips. This is a tough one because although it may soothe dry, chapped lips temporarily, in the long run it will make things worse. Saliva evaporates quickly leaving your skin drier and in worse condition than it originally was.

Preventing Chapped Lips

As well as following the tips above we have a few more to prevent dryness from returning. Show your lips some love.

  1. Exfoliate! If your lips are already cracked or sore, please don’t do this until they are fully healed. This step should be used to prevent damage from happening. The best way to exfoliate your lips is with a soft toothbrush. Gently buff away dead skin cells and prevent your lips from flaking.
  2. Eat well. Having a good intake of the right vitamins and minerals will keep the lips, and skin in general, looking happy and healthy. Check out our guide to to skin saving super foods here.
  3. Use nourishing makeup. We all love a bit of lip colour to brighten up our look but make sure your makeup is kind to your skin. Our Glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayons are packed with an exclusive blend of antioxidants and conditioning ingredients. So you can even pull off a matte look without the fear of dry, flakey lips. For a kit that really has it all from a lip polish, conditioner, colour and gloss, check out our special edition Glo Skin Beauty Lip Service Set.

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