The Best Makeup for Dry Skin

Winter is a nightmare for those with dry or dehydrated skin. The harsh winds and dry air from indoor heating takes away any little moisture your skin manages to retain. So it’s understandable when you feel as though makeup is the last thing your skin needs. But the truth is, makeup should be an extension of your skincare. It should help improve your skin rather than damage it. Which is why mineral makeup is ideal. With hydrating and skin-nourishing mineral products you can find the best makeup for dry skin without worry of accentuating dry patches and being left with an uneven, blotchy finish.

The Best Makeup for Dry Skin

Foundation for Dry Skin

Select a foundation designed to work with dry skin. glo minerals has five foundations that work effortlessly with dry skin to hydrate and moisturise whilst covering the skin.

Set your foundation to last all day with the Luxe Setting Powder. This powder is the best makeup for dry skin providing weightless coverage with a sheer, silky smooth finish. Avoid any powders formulated to mattify or absorbing oil. These are enemies for your dry skin. Finish your base by spraying on a moist hydration mist for added hydration. You can use this spray to prep the skin prior to makeup application as well as after to refresh your skin throughout the day.

Blush for Dry Skin

Cream Blush will look and feel the best on dry skin. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks with the Texture Brush. The creamy formula will hydrate your skin rather than dry it out.

Lipstick for Dry Skin

Prepping your lips with a thin layer of balm can help you avoid your lipstick settling into fine lines. Lipstick is great for dry lips, but if you like an ultra-creamy lip, try the Cream Glaze Crayon.

Our matte lipsticks are still wearable for dry lips just make sure to take the proper care of your lips.

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