Active Beauty: Workout Skincare & Makeup Tips

It’s the time of year when we reflect on our health and decide maybe we should be taking care of our bodies a little better. Whether your workout of choice is yoga, running or maybe even boxing, we have some great active beauty tips to ensure your skin looks as healthy as your body.

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Active Beauty: Makeup

In an ideal world we would of course suggest going entirely makeup free when you workout. But, we know that not every one feels comfortable doing this (which you should because you’re beautiful!) so we have some workout-friendly makeup tips.

Tip 1

The key piece of advice is to keep workout makeup to a minimum, no dramatic smokey eyes or fully contoured cheeks! You’re only going to sweat it off, not only wasting good makeup, but potentially a smudged mess of makeup on your face too!

Tip 2

If you really can’t face going bare-faced, steer clear of heavier foundations. Use something light like our glo Skin Beauty Loose Base. Looks natural, quick to apply and it’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t block your pores.

Tip 3

For more minimal coverage, just spot correct the areas which you feel need a little coverage. Whether you want to just cover under eye circles or a couple of unwanted blemishes, simply use a dab of concealer on those problem areas. This will allow the rest of your face to breathe.

Tip 4

Can’t imagine being seen in public without your mascara? No problem, reach for the water resistant kind. You don’t want to wipe the sweat out of your eyes and be left resembling a panda!

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Active Beauty: Skincare

When you exercise it’s essential to look after your skin in the right way. If you don’t follow some of this simple tips you could be leaving your skin open to inflammation, blocked pores and bacteria.

Tip 1

Before you begin to workout cleanser your face. Seem strange as your’re only going to sweat throughout your workout? Cleansing pre-workout will remove and makeup or traces of daily dirt, this reduces the risk of blocked pores and breakouts.

Tip 2

Try not to touch your face! Think of all the bacteria which lives on gym equipment. You really don’t want to be transferring that onto your face. Keep a clean towel to hand to wipe down your face and reduce the risk infection and breakouts.

Tip 3

Time for your post-workout shower. Keep the water cool/lukewarm. Having a shower which is too hot directly after your workout can strip the skin of essetnail natural oils. Whereas if you can face a cold shower, the cooler water will help to close your pores.

Tip 4

Once clean, post-workout is the perfect time to spritz your face with a face mist. Face mists can prevent the skin from losing moisture. Our favourites are the Calming Flower Mist (great anti-inflammatory properties) and the Hydration Mist. Follow up with a light weight moisturiser.

Tip 5

This last tip is something we should be doing anyway, but even more crucial after a good workout, drink plenty of water, You need to replace the fluids lost during exercise to prevent your skin dehydrating. Try adding coconut water to your post-workout shake for extra hydration.

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