Totarol™: What Is It And Why Is It In Our Acne Products

Before we look at which of our acne products contain Totarol™, let’s take it back to basics first at look at what Totarol™ actually is.

What Is Totarol™?

Totarol™ is a natural plant-derived preservative, it comes from the totara trees of New Zealand. These trees are extremely resistant to decay, living as long as 1000 years. They live this long because they are packed with a super potent antioxidant, which prevents the ageing process. Totarol™ is only extracted from old, recycled bark and wood. So no live trees are chopped down just to produce it.

Totarol use in acne products

Why Use Totarol™ In Acne Products?

Totarol™ is being used more and more frequently in acne products, rosacea products too, this is because of it’s natural antibacterial properties. It has been shown to be massively effective when used to fight against acne-causing bacteria. As it is a plant-derived extract it should be non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin. Another huge skin benefit is that it’s a high potency antioxidant, 3 times stronger than Vitamin E! This means that it is a strong force in fighting free radicals, which lead to skin ageing.

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Which Products Contain Totarol™?

Now you know what makes Totarol™ such a superstar skincare ingredient, here are the glo skincare products you’ll find it in:

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