5 ways to update your beauty routine during winter

5 ways to update your beauty routine during winter

We know that our skin needs daily care, but when the temperature drops it needs extra attention to protect it from wind, rain, and pollution. Here are our top five tips to maintain a healthy face, and avoid any unpleasant flaky or rough textures, in this season.

1 Continual hydration

To avoid dehydration, we should use a richer protective cream than the one we would use in the warmer months, and to apply it more often during the day – and don’t forget your lips; having a cocoa butter balm in your bag is a great help.

1 Continual hydration

2 Avoiding sudden changes in temperature

Keeping the heating on too high, at home or in the office, causes unnecessary thermal stress that will dry out the skin. Taking a hot shower can be regenerating for our bodies, but it can dehydrate your skin; remember to moisturise to calm, soothe and heal the skin, and drink plenty of water. Also, with your morning cleanse use warm rather than hot water.

Avoiding sudden changes in temperature

3 Tone and moisturize to restore your skin

To avoid the effect of scaly skin and the uncomfortable feeling of your skin pulling, you should apply a Conditioning mist and a Restorative cream to repair any excessively dry or dehydrated skin, after a nourishing cleanser. Once or twice a week it is recommended to use a Restorative mask to add a glow to your skin.

4 Feed in the evening

We need to continue our skincare routine once we come home – particularly after spending the day facing the city smog. A gentle cleanser against redness and a rich cream with an antioxidant-rich blend of moisturizing ingredients helps to regenerate the stressed facial tissues.

 Feed in the evening

5 Protect the skin

Do not forget that UV rays are always lurking, even when it’s cold and difficult to see the sun up above us. We should always be wearing sun protection: the Moisturizing Tint Cream SPF 30 is the perfect choice for excellent protection, coverage, and level of hydration.

 Protect the skin

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