3 Reasons You Should Start Wearing a Makeup Primer

makeup primer, makeup tutorial

If you haven’t been using makeup primer, then you are really missing out. Whether you wear a full face of makeup or you a simpler, natural look, a good primer will make your makeup look so much better and last longer! Being more particular about the benefits of using a primer, we can note the following points:

1. Primer will keep your makeup in place for longer

If you want your makeup to last throughout the day, you need to prime your skin. Primers give your foundations and eye shadows a base to hold onto, so they in place for longer. Using the right primer for your skin can make the difference between a faded, creased look and a “freshly applied” makeup after 6-8 hours. It can also help blur any fine lines, large pores and other skin imperfections that greatly affect the outcome of how smooth your makeup looks.

2. Shadow Primer stops eye shadow creasing

Eye primer is an absolute must, if you ant to up your eye shadow game. It will not only give you an even and smooth eyelid, but also bring out the true vibrant colours of your eye shadow palette.

3. Primer can help cover imperfections

Primers are a godsent when you are trying to cover fine lines, large pores, wrinkles and other skin imperfections that affect how smooth your makeup looks. Using the right primer for your skin type can blur imperfections and give your make up a perfect smooth finish.

How To Apply A Primer Correctly

makeup primer, makeup tutorials

#1. The first step of your routine should always be to apply moisturiser. Allow it to sink in for about 15-20 minutes so you are working with a well hydrated surface.

#2. Using a pea-sized amount of face primer onto a dome shaped brush, apply a light layer all over the face. Start with the t-zone (nose, forehead and chin) and work your way outwards. The dome-shaped brush will give the same kind of pressure as your finger, without the spread of bacteria.

#3. If you’ve used a transparent primer then follow with your foundation application. If you have used a tinted primer this can be worn alone as a foundation alternative or layered underneath your foundation for extra coverage.

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